Alan Taylor to direct Sopranos prequel ‘The Many Saints of Newark’

It seems that David Chase has been trying to do something with the Sopranos that feels authentic and not forced. He finally found a way to do it and news broke last year about a prequel film titled The Many Saints of Newark. Now the project has finally found a director and its one that’s quiet familiar with the property. Continue reading “Alan Taylor to direct Sopranos prequel ‘The Many Saints of Newark’”


‘Bumblebee’ Trailer: The Relationship Between You and Your First Car

We live in a day and age of cinematic universes and spinoff films. Paramount Pictures is in a weird place where they don’t really have a film that fit that criterion. With the Transformers the main films have made a ton of money but they have been steadily declining in terms of quality. With Transformers: The Last Knight the film made much less than its predecessors. Continue reading “‘Bumblebee’ Trailer: The Relationship Between You and Your First Car”

Hot Project ‘355’ for sale at Cannes

Jessica Chastain has brought on a very hot property to property to Cannes that could be one bring one of the biggest distribution deals in a festival ever. It seems that Chastain has her eyes set on developing female-centric films with this 355 set to be the starting point. Continue reading “Hot Project ‘355’ for sale at Cannes”

Annette Bening will be joining ‘Captain Marvel’

After seeing Avengers: Infinity War it’s becoming more clear that both Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel will be vital to where the MCU will be during Avengers 4. One of those films is currently being shot and will contain one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. Now one of the most powerful actors in actresses in Hollywood will join the film.  Continue reading “Annette Bening will be joining ‘Captain Marvel’”

‘Master of the Universe’ has found their directors in the Nees Brothers

The remake of the He-Man film Masters of the Universe is one of those films that have been in development for a very long time. Ever since the days of when the project was set up Silver Pictures and Warner Brothers, there has been news about the film coming out in the trades. Continue reading “‘Master of the Universe’ has found their directors in the Nees Brothers”

Amazon Studios Makes a 5 Season Commitment to Lord of The Rings prequel Series

When the thought of a Lord of The Rings prequel series it is one that everyone is interested in the world due to the vastness of the world. There’s a ton to explore in that world even with the Hobbit films that came out. It’s obvious that it would be a massive undertaking considering the size and scale of the production required for the series. But Amazon Studios seems up for the task when it comes to developing the series in a Game of Thrones type of series.  Continue reading “Amazon Studios Makes a 5 Season Commitment to Lord of The Rings prequel Series”

Kenya Berris Plans Exit From ABC Studios

It seems to be that mega tv producers are currently looking to escape from their mega network deals cause it doesn’t allow for the creative freedom they desire. In the everchanging landscape of television, people are always looking at different avenues rather than the norm. Now you have another power player possibly on the move. Continue reading “Kenya Berris Plans Exit From ABC Studios”