Ryan Murphy poached by Netflix in a $300 million deal

Netflix has done very well for themselves on the television side with them having many critically acclaimed shows and multiple Emmy wins. They are giving talent creative freedom to do what they please. The recently poached one of the hottest talents in Shonda Rhimes from ABC and now they have done so yet again with Ryan Murphy.  Continue reading “Ryan Murphy poached by Netflix in a $300 million deal”


‘mother!’ Trailer: Aronofsky goes back to his horror elements

When news broke of Darren Aronofsky going back to the horror genre it was a welcomed news. Whenever he has used horror elements in his films he has done it in spectacular fashion with films like Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream. Continue reading “‘mother!’ Trailer: Aronofsky goes back to his horror elements”

‘IT’ Trailer: Showcases Pennywise’s reign of terror

I was not a fan of the first IT trailer. I thought it was just a very generic horror trailer and it just used the same generic trope and just utilizes the same things that you see in horror trailer with the jump scares and typical music. Continue reading “‘IT’ Trailer: Showcases Pennywise’s reign of terror”