Tom Holland confirms a trilogy of ‘Spider-Man’ movies and Feige talks venom involvement

The summer movie season is now in high gear and we are soon to be flooded with a bunch of movies that will take away from each other. One of the films that is in the heart of summer movie season is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The third iteration of Spider-Man on the big screen will hit theaters on July 7. Continue reading “Tom Holland confirms a trilogy of ‘Spider-Man’ movies and Feige talks venom involvement”

Oscar Contenders for each studio

No matter the studio, let that be one of the little dogs in A24 or the big guys like Warner Brothers or 20th Century Fox all studios have at least one film that they want to pushy for Oscar contention. The buzz for Oscar films have begun with recently TIFF wrapping up. The buzz has been shifted into high gear with many films being highly praised. Here at Barley Biased we are going to be breaking down Oscar contenders for each studio no matter what category. Continue reading “Oscar Contenders for each studio”